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A introduction to Kinu M47 Grinders: How to use them

A proper introduction to Kinu M47 Grinders: How to use them and what for.

Coffee brewing is a whole universe of flavors, aromas, and possibilities. Some enjoy the experience of having coffee in a shop and trying something new each time they visit. Some others go further and decide to enjoy the pleasure of coffee made with their own hands. And how do they do that? With a manual coffee grinder. 

A great cup of coffee requires more than just high-quality beans, you’re gonna need great tools. Kinu M47 grinders are the best products in the market that will guarantee a richer and more fulfilling freshly ground coffee. This is backed up by the fact that  Kinu is a german company that has produced more than 22 million grinders and has been in the coffee industry for 25 years. So, they must know something about brewing coffee. 

Most people believe what they need to get a perfect finish cup is a coffee machine, however, coffee grinders are the actual must-have items. A grinder is a tool for extracting the aroma and taste from coffee beans. It can be bought separately or installed in a machine, like in bean-to-cup coffee machines where the beans are freshly ground before each brew. 

Kinu M47 manual grinders will become your best allies for coffee brewing at home and doing it like a pro. Get ready to discover all the products of the series, their features, and how to use them.

Types of Kinu grinders

There are three different models in the Kinu M47 series: the Phoenix, the Classic, and Simplicity. But before diving into the details you must know they have something in common and it’s the burr. These three products share the same 47mm burrs and step-less adjustment system, so even though they’re different they will all produce a similar grind quality. 

Now, let’s introduce you to each one of them.

M47 Phoenix 

Kinu M47 Phoenix


The Kinu M47 Phoenix is the manual grinder every coffee enthusiast should have at home. This is the most affordable grinder from the M47 family, it’s simple and reunites all the basic features for high-quality coffee brewing.

The Phoenix uses a five-point system made out of ABS plastic. Besides its reasonable price is also the lightest grinder weighing 715g, making it a good choice if you are looking for a grinder to take over with you. The hopper has a 40-50-g capacity, this means it can handle any dose that needs grinding. Its black fusion 47 mm burrs are suitable for espresso grinding producing a full-bodied flavor.

The adjustment is micro-stepped for a finer or coarser grind with every turn of the dial and its key difference in the design is that The Phoenix uses a silicone grip to hold it secure when grinding instead of a thumb stopper. In short, this product offers the best price-quality balance being the first option for beginners and a safe choice for experts.

M47 Simplicity

Kinu M47 SimplicityKinu M47 Simplicity Burr


The Simplicity is an excellent middle ground. Its body is made entirely from hardened steel as well as the burrs, bearing mounts, and drive shafts. It also features a plastic thumb stop for additional grip and an ergonomic hand pommel made from ABS plastic.

The Simplicity weighs slightly less but still retains the solid build, coming in at 965g. As far as the volume, it can catch and the hopper holds an approximate 40-50 g. And when checking its price tag is cheaper than The Classic and more expensive than The Phoenix.

M47 Classic

Kinu M47 Classic


The Classic has a full metal body, with the only plastic components being the knob and thumb stopper. It has also a magnetic catch cup held in place by 11 magnets, which remain secure during grinding. The grind adjustment system is using a click-feeling system in place which allows you to feel the different grind steps.

The Classic is the most expensive and the heaviest grinder in the lineup, weighing 1170g. It’s definitely one of the top manual grinders options with a high-end finish but only suitable for those with a bigger budget and plenty of space in the kitchen.

What are the Kinu M47 grinders for?

So far you already know what a coffee grinder is, why the Kinu M47 family are the top products in its category, and the benefits of the three types. Let's learn what coffee grinders can be used for.

These grinders produce fresh cups with good taste and texture, so they’re perfect tools for someone looking for a manual coffee grinder for espresso, Chemex, V60, Kalita, Moka Pot, and many other types of coffee prepared by the Aeropress method.

Actually, Aeropress is our favorite brewing coffee method. This is a piston-style brewer that forces coffee through a thin paper filter directly into a cup. It brews just a single serving of coffee and at the same time has a clean taste with some flavor notes thanks to the paper filter which also stops any oil and sediment from getting in the cup.

This is also a very versatile method and there are hundreds of recipes that can be made by adjusting variables like grind size and brew time. So, once you have the right tools and creativity, there’s a lot you can do!

How to use Kinu M47 grinders?

First times can be intimidating, however, the Kinu M47 grinders have a step-less and precise grind adjustment system that makes them very practical and easy to use.

The first thing to do is locate the grind dial on the top of the grinder. To change the grind setting, you just follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the counter-screw counter-clockwise.
  2. Mount the handle by passing it through the drive hub.
  3. Then turn the lock screw clockwise.

That’s all! Your coffee grinder is now ready to use. If you want to know how this happen in real life, check this video.

You can also experiment with the grind adjustment until you find your favorite fit. Keep exploring trying to open the grinder maximum close point minimum 1 complete turn (360 degrees) and start searching from this point until you get the finish you want.

If you’re willing to get a finer grind, give a try to these adjustments:

  1. Turn the counter-screw counterclockwise out (about 2 turns).
  2. Turn the adjustment wheel out, to the desired grinding degree setting and then turn the lock screw (1) clockwise again.
  3. If the coffee grinder should grind too coarse, repeat the process and turn the adjustment wheel (4) clockwise.

With these steps, your mill should grind finer. But there’s more. The adjustment system offers 50 steps per revolution. However, it depends on the type of grinder you use. With the Classic model, each step feels like a click, while with The Phoenix and Simplicity you have to rely on the markings to indicate grind size.

 Kinu Phoenix Adjustment System


We know lots of turns can be dizzy but the grind adjustment wheel is clearly marked, including the zero point, so you won’t get lost switching between grind sizes. The first number indicates the number of complete rotations from the zero point, and to get to the zero point, just turn the wheel clockwise until it no longer moves. The second number is the number on the adjustment wheel and the third number specifies the number of notches.

And what about the cleaning? The Kinu M47 grinders are easy to disassemble and wipe out. You can remove the catch cup, handle, drive shaft, and inner burr whenever you need it and for cleaning just brush any fines off the burrs. If you want to level up your cleaning process, you could invest in a long soft brush or pipe cleaner to access the grinder body.

Want to know everything about setting up your M47 grinders? Check out our FAQs page or click here to see The Phoenix M47 manual. 

Kinu M47 grinders are the perfect tools to start brewing your own perfect and fresh ground coffe. You’ll get the taste, aroma and texture of a real fine coffee with the back of 25 years of experience in the business.
Are you ready to upgrade your coffee experience? Check The Phoenix and Simplicity grinders in our online store, make your pick and get ready to enjoy the pleasure of brewing coffee as an expert by yourself.