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The Best Coffee Grinders to Buy

If you had the freedom of choice, would you rather partake in a week-old coffee pre-ground with a burr grinder? Or would you rather have some coffee from a blade grinder? The answer is simple; even if you aren’t an avid coffee drinker. 

Besides, coffee is just coffee, isn’t it? However, there’s something richer and more fulfilling about freshly ground coffee. The same thing pulls you into a coffee shop every time you pass. If you want to enjoy the same experience from the comfort of your home, then a coffee grinder is a must-have item.

The Benefits of Partaking In Freshly Ground Coffee

Would you intentionally drink stale coffee? That’s what you risk every time you buy pre-ground coffee. However, freshly ground coffee gives you a fuller and flavor-filled experience with each sip.

Did you know coffee remains fresh for only 30 minutes after you grind it? Yes, that’s a fact. On the other hand, whole-grain roasted coffee remains fresh for up to two weeks and stays longer if unroasted. So, partaking in freshly ground coffee is the only way to get that distinctive taste.

Why Do You Need a Coffee Grinder?

If you’ve ever bitten into a coffee bean, consider yourself lucky not to have chipped your teeth. You could always try your blender, but the results won’t be impressive. A coffee grinder ensures consistent coffee grinds.

Roasted coffee is also rich in oils, gases, and antioxidants, giving coffee its flavor and aroma. Therefore, grinding your coffee just before you brew it ensures a rich infusion of flavor and aroma. It also releases more antioxidants and stimulants, giving your drink some extra pep.

Types of Coffee Grinders

The market is flooded with various kinds of grinders made from different materials and with different uses. Let’s go through some of them so you can easily buy one.

  • Burr grinders have two serrated plates (burrs) that rotate to crush every coffee bean. Such grinders spew the grounds once the beans have been ground into the right consistency. The burrs are made of either steel or ceramic material.  
  • Blade grinders are great for novices as they are usually cheap. Such grinders have blades that rotate randomly, so the consistency of the grind is never uniform.
  • Manual grinders usually have burrs and are powered when the user turns a hand crank.
  • Automatic grinders Are the most convenient to use. All you need to do is plug it in, input settings, put some beans in, and push a button. They use either blades or burrs to produce uniform grinds.  

The Best Coffee Grinders in the Market

The market has a dizzying variety of coffee grinders with varying price points and capabilities. Kinu is a German company that produces a range of high-quality coffee grinders. The company builds its wheels so you can expect precision when grinding beans.

Let's look at the best hand grinders that Kinu has to offer.  

1.    M47 Simplicity

Like other legacy models in the M47 line, the Kinu simplicity is a fine example of expert craftsmanship and amazing results. The grinder’s body is made of stainless steel and the burrs, bearing mounts, and drive shafts. The main difference between this model and others in the line is its abs plastic-made grinds catch and funnel.

Grind adjustment is micro-stepped at 50 steps per rotation on the adjustment dial. This means you can switch to an espresso setting at the turn of a dial. This model features four bearings for a smoother grind. It also has 47mm-steel-coated burrs that yield a fine drip and a savory flavor.

The M47 simplicity also features a plastic thumb stop for additional grip and an ergonomic hand pommel made from ABS plastic. The grinds catch, and the hopper holds approximately 40-50 g.   

2.    M47 Phoenix  

Back in 2018, a devastating fire hit one of Kinu’s factories. The M47 phoenix rose from those ashes. Like other M47 models, the phoenix features the same 47 mm conical burrs. It also features a precision grind adjuster and a dual-bearing system for consistency and stability.

The proportions are the same as legacy models except for the weight, as some parts have been substituted with ABS plastic. 

The hopper has a 40 -50-g capacity, meaning can handle any dose that needs grinding. This model’s black fusion 47 mm burrs suit espresso grinding, producing a full-bodied flavor. The adjustment is micro-stepped for a finer or coarser grind with every turn of the dial.  

The phoenix features stainless steel and ABS plastic materials in its construction and a comfortable silicone handgrip. Other steel-made parts include the arm handle, burrs, axel, bearings, and grind adjustment, while ABS plastic parts include the bearing mounts and the ground catch.

3. Comandante X25 Trailmaster

The new Comandante X25 Trailmaster Grinder is a sturdy, robust, lightweight coffee hand grinder.

Using cutting-edge techniques, the polygonal body is painstakingly molded into a stable single piece. Trailmaster Dune has a state-of-the-art Nitro Blade burr for familiar world-class grind performance in this extraordinary new body.

Selecting the best material for an outdoor grinder body is mission-critical. After comprehensive research and field tests, Comandante engineers selected a reinforced techno-polymer as the material of choice for the new X-Series outdoor products — QTP.

QTP is a high-performance techno-polymer with a substantial amount of quartz reinforcement particles interwoven into an elastic and strong long-chain polymer matrix. It feels like ceramic and performs like a technical super composite.

The QTP composite was originally developed for mechanical and equipment engineering. It’s also used in the automotive industry for bearing and gearbox components.